We Buy Houses From Wholesalers

No more wasted time sending your deals to Buyer's Websites, Craigslist, and other black holes - we're here... and we want your deals today!

Now You Have The Most Reliable Buyer In Your Corner

David Wolf here on behalf of myself and everyone here at MoorWolf LLC and Boyd Hard Money Lending.

If you feel in your heart your Wholesaling business can grow, but there's something in the way... where you spend all day and every day hunting for buyers. Only to have one after the next either hang up on you or nicely tell you to buzz off. If you're watching more and more wasted time is add up day after day. And by the end of the day, you might realize all the time could have been spent finding more great Wholesale deals.  

Real estate is an exciting place to be, but only if you are growing. 

Wouldn't you agree? Right. Well at MoorWolf, LLC we have developed a 2-part solution to finally put an end to the growing pains you're experiencing with your Wholesale business.

The MoorWolf Wholesale Partner Program.

"Working with David at MoorWolf is the #1 reason why my real estate business is growing. He's the most reliable buyer I know." 

— Karen Williams, 911WeBuyHouses

"The online portal to submit my deals is great. My deals are always seen. And I always get a response. Every time." 

– Ernest Prosser, Founder of Prosser Real Estate 

"I went to a seminar, jumped head first into real estate, and then realized I needed a buyers list! I'm so thankful I found MoorWolf because they make it very easy to sell almost all the properties I find." 

— Ashley Albert, FCD REI

Forget 50 Buyers - You Only Need ONE Reliable Buyer...

We Give You 2 Ways To Make Certain You Sell Your Wholesale Deals Every Time:

  • Front-of-the-Line Portal to submit your deals to us. Other real estate investors typically ignore deals from wholesalers, but not MoorWolf. We are the first real estate investor to create a custom Front-of-the-Line system dedicated to receiving your wholesale deals.
  • MoorWolf, LLC. buys all types of properties from residential to commercial. All you need is a good deal under contract.
  • The options you've been looking for. MoorWolf, LLC. wants to buy MOST of your properties. But for the properties we don't buy, our Boyd Hard Money Lending business will provide you with hard money lending to make it easy to sell your properties.
  • Saves you time so you can spend your 100% of your time finding more deals and making more money.
  • Exclusive access to Boyd Hard Money Lending hard money loans to your fix and flip buyers. 
  • Sell more properties starting now. Market as pre-approved for hard money financing at 3pts origination and 12% interest only for 75% of the purchase price. 

Become a MoorWolf Wholesale Partner today and experience Wholesaling without the struggle:

Click above to get started with our Front-of-the-Line Wholesaler Support.